B2B Presale Campaign: Qualified Leads → Warm Appointments Pricing:

Till June 2020, every Leads package includes Equity Pre-Seed compensation: invest.Brandvertisor.com.
10/40/100 Leads over 12 months period + Equity % from Brandvertisor at $1M valuation.

We're looking to build long term partnerships with agencies that are open to 10-20% Rev Share from the Retainer Management Fee.

  • $1000
  • 10 Warm Appointments
  • $100 per Appointment
  • 100k Websites SEO Profiles
  • Ad Wizard Nurturing
  • Same Day Warm Leads
  • $3000
  • 40 Warm Appointments
  • $75 per Appointment
  • All STARTER features
  • Visitors Linkedin Retention
  • B2B Outreaching Leads
  • $6000
  • 100 Warm Appointments
  • $60 per Appointment
  • All PARTNER features
  • Facebook+Adwords Funnels
  • Phone & Chat Visitor Assist

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do you price the leads?

Currently we charge fixed $. After the Presale campaign, lead pricing will include 10-20% Rev Share from the Retainer Management Fee with long term partners. We're in constant lead qualification & pricing processes improvement. If you have feedback or model to suggest, please fill up our lead pricing survey: Bit.ly/lead-pricing-survey.

What type of services are Brandvertisor clients/leads looking for?

We prioritize nurturing leads for advertising management through the Ad Wizard. However we're enhancing for more quality services: PR, ORM, High Quality SEO/SEM, Facebook Ads management, Adwords, Media Buying, Display & Native Ads management, Brand Advertising etc..

Which Industries & Locations are the leads from?

Most of the current leads come from broad Google searches. However, we're going to adapt our paid advertising & B2B outreaching processes, based on partners agencies needs.

How much time it will take to receive all of the package leads?

Depends on Presale campaign success rate, we're going to be able to deliver all the leads in 6-9 months timeframe.

How scalable is this for long term partnership cooperation?

We're using the leads presale campaign revenues as funding to speed up our Go To Market strategy: PR & Big Data Dynamic Profiles for Faster SEO Rankings > Build B2B Outreaching Processes > Facebook/Linkedin/Adwords Advertising Funnels > Chat & Call assistance of every visitor > Brands & SME Onboarding Program.

Can you tell me more about the investment in Brandvertisor startup?

Sure. Currently we're in pre-seed campaign by crowdfunding the initial project by the lead presale campaign. Please take a look at Invest.Brandvertisor.com for details & monthly Investor Updates Newsletter.

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