We help Marketing & Ad Agencies with B2B Leads → Appointments.

We nurture Qualified B2B Leads and schedule them into Warm Appointments for:
Brand awareness, Media Buying, PPC/CPM advertising, Facebook Ads, Adwords,
SEO/SEM, Social Media & Influencers, ORM, PR services.

How it works:

Google rankings for Alexa 100k websites aggregator profiles like Brandvertisor.com/website/CNN.com
brings relevant traffic and warm advertisers leads on a daily basis.


1. Google SEO Rankings →

Google SEO rankings for relevant keywords to "advertise on CNN.com" brings most interested prospects to browse the profile at Brandvertisor.com/website/CNN.com.


2. Browse Website Profile →

Then the visitor browse through the aggregated traffic statistics by leading providers like Alexa, SimilarWeb, SemRush, MOZ, Majestic etc.


3. Ad Wizard Lead Nurture!

Finally, when the visitor clicks on Advertise on CNN.com is forwarded to fill up the Ad Campaign Wizard where we nurture visitors to become warm→qualified lead.

Brandvertisor Utopia         Name         Name

Leads Prospects Examples

We are aggregating Alexa 100k websites traffic & audience statistics. 100k websites publishers profiles pages ranked in Google generates prospects from every industry and location possible.


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Leads Acquisition Channels:

We use Inbound & Outbound multi-channel lead acquisition strategy to convert Prospects to Warm→Qualified B2B Leads:

Google SEO Rankings

With 100k dynamic data profiles we acquire quite a lot of Google "Advertise on X.com" and relevant long tails SEO rankings.

Bloggers & PR Publicity

As a big data aggregator and marketplace startup, we have a lot of interesting cases for constant media coverage.

Social Medias

Customized approach: Linkedin B2B outreaching, Facebook posts boost, Twitter, Instagram #Events, @Campaigns content.

Paid Advertising

Facebook, Linkedin & Google Advertising campaigns to pre-segmented per industry funnels to nurture the most relevant leads.

eMail & Linkedin Outreaching

We use same day website visitors to Linkedin outreaching & initial cold email and social medias outreaching models.

B2B Partnership Programs

We're constantly onboarding the best marketing solutions providers the best performing marketers as B2B partners!

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Brandvertisor Partners

Influencive.com - Social, Startups & Entrepreneurs Media


Influencive.com - Startups & Entrepreneurs Media - "Influencive was founded by Inc. 500 Entrepreneur Brian D. Evans - has 1M monthly visits."

AdmanMedia.com - Video SSP & Ads Management Agency


ADMANMedia.com - Ads Management & Video SSP leader on Spanish Market - "THE LARGEST VIDEO SSP FOR DESKTOP AND MOBILE"

A4D.com - Whitehat Affiliate Network by Jason Akatiff


A4D.com - Whitehat Affiliate Network by Jason Akatiff - "We Acquire Customers. By Leveraging Innovative Technologies In Online Marketing."

Platform.io - White Label RTB DSP


Platform.io - White Label RTB DSP - "White-label RTB/ XML/ Header-Bidder solution for digital ad agencies, networks, and brands."

AdMachine.co - Performance Advertising Platform


AdMachine.co - Performance Advertising Platform - "Supercharge your advertising business with advanced White Label DSP and SSP solutions."

Cleard.com - Web Design & Development Agency


Cleard.com - Web Design & Development Agency - "We create memorable, meaningful web sites that stand out."